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janet barber It's me again. We're getting ready for a lesson about wildlife. My props are beside me. There's a perch for the owl and behind on the table, a home-made log.

You can see from the pictures how the log is used to illustrate life in the countryside. The children meet the birds and animals and learn about their habitats and lifestyles.

We cater for many different age groups and abilities and the lessons are tailored to the class.
wise owl
With the schools permission we can even bring a bottle-feeding lamb into the classroom.

baby barn owls

Baby owls are always a big hit although we don't always have them of course. It's good for the owls to get out and about early in life so they learn not to fear strangers.

We've been fortunate to team up with Flying Start and with their help have taken our 'show' to many local schools.

wildlife log tawny owl rabbit

School visits last about two hours and prices start at £80.00

If you want to discuss Pant Glas coming to your school please use the contact details below. Leave a message if the 'phone isn't answered and I'll call you back. Mobile reception can be patchy in this part of Wales.
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