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Falcons don't train themselves. It takes many hours of practice before they're ready to put on a display.lure training Here's me on a cold and windswept mountain and here's Phoenix,falcon a cross between a Peregrine and a Gyrfalcon which makes him big and fast. Phoenix had braked to about 80mph when this shot was taken.

Pant Glas birds perform at public shows, village fetes, school open days, festivals, weddings, birthday parties and really, any outdoor or indoor event that's looking for something memorable and different. The display we put on depends on the weather, the location, the audience and the occasion so it varies a lot but here's a guide...

little owl
  • 1 day show: Two flying displays with owls, falcons and hawks plus a static display, again with owls, hawks and falcons. Your visitors can meet the birds, chat to the staff, and have their picture taken with an owl or hawk. Prices start at £250.00

  • 1 day fete: Where conditions aren't suitable for flying we can still enthrall your visitors with different species of bird. Barn owls are a particular favourite as is Pipsqueak, the Little Owl. It's very relaxed and parents enjoy photographing their children with the birds. Prices start at £175.00

  • weddings and parties: One for the photograph album. Depending on the venue we might fly an owl or a hawk while guests can meet the birds close up and handle them when appropriate. Prices start at £75.00
We can't do this...

...but we're a regular fixture at Drefach Felindre's annual carnival...

barn owl
"I want overtime"eagle owl

"I wanna go home"

things don't always go according to plan... the Llandysul show Phoenix decided to go off and explore the countryside. That's why we put telemetry on the falcons and hawks. The owls are too lazy to go far.


While I carried on with the show Ross spent two hours tracking him round Llanllwni mountains. Then he turned for home and we found him just 400 yards from where he started.

If you want to get in touch please use the contact details below. Leave a message if the 'phone isn't answered - I might be in a classroom or clambering over a ditch. Sometimes the hawks go places mobile networks don't reach !
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